WISE EXPO was formed in China in early 2018 and has its head office in Shanghai, with bases in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Changsha. The company was set up with the vision of becoming a leading force in China, in events and exhibitions as well as in conferences; at present, the leading players are major foreign owners and state companies, with very few originating from the domestic private sector.


The company sets its sights on becoming the best in the business, with outstanding team offering excellent services in the market of Greater China and beyond. With credibility, audacity, flexibility and a belief in win-win business cooperation, we will achieve our goal.


Our company offers in-depth analyses of the industry, financial services, strategic advice, project management & operation control, and consultation services; we produce useful reports and provide strategic advice for our clients and partners. Teams of the company have been working hard to collect data and information on the status quo of MICE industry in China. We especially focus on the subjects of education, medical appliances and health, and consumer goods industry.


The company is already attracting services from dozens of experts and senior managers in finance, events & exhibitions, and relevant businesses, sharing great ambitions with the investors. This is because the company is building up prestige with its knowledgeable team: a team which possess an average of more than 15 years' work experience in this industry, with a background as either MICE industry professionals or financial experts.


China's economy has been developing at a high speed for decades; exhibition venues and shows have sprung up all over the country like spring bamboo shoots as a result. Over the years foreign companies have been purchasing best assets in Chinese market; on the other hand, there is still a great number of regional and niche exhibition owners with potential development in the field, which is where our capital and resources can be fully activated to benefit Chinese national enterprises, and make us all winners. The manner in which UBM, REED, INFORMA and the like have grown to their present scales is largely by way of using a financial instrument i.e. mergers and acquisitions. We are working to establish an effective platform that attracts business operators in the industry to join forces with us so we can grow together and benefit all those involved.

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